Tracy  Fabre
Reviews of Callie By The Bay

(All of these review excerpts are from Amazon.)

P.W. Dowdy: "Fabre is an extremely proficient novel writer. In 'Callie by the Bay', she foreshadows plot points with a clever subtlety. Her dialogue is crisp, her narratives essential and well placed. Whatever a reader's genre preference might be--romance, slice-of-life, or murder mysteries--this is a not-to-be put down story."

Charles Stone: "This is a romance novel with a just enough mystery and suspense to keep me turning the pages."

M. Palmer: "Great characters. Interesting plot. Beautiful setting that seemed very true to life from what I remember of Mobile. I'll definitely be checking out more from this author."

John J. Beck: "If you've never read one of Tracy's novels, read this. If you've read any or all three of her other published novels, read this! Once you start I doubt that you'll be able to put it down. The first paragraph pulls the reader in for the duration."

R. A. Brittain: "This book is a combination of intrigue, suspense and romance. Tracy has a wonderful way of including romance, but never lets details interrupt the story. Frankly, I had to read this book in one setting. It's very rare for me, but I actually dreamed about some of her characters the night that I read her book. This book gets a high recommendation from me."

Renee Giroux-Nix: "I blame Ms. Fabre for 2 sleepless nights. After chapter one I was hooked on the characters, and sucked into the storyline. I couldn't put the book down. The complex and compelling storyline stuck with me for weeks after. I kept reflecting on the outcome of the book, and mulling over what was to come for Callie, Danny, and Ray." 


Reviews of Evan's Castle

5-Cup Review here at Coffee Time Romance ~
"This is one of those exceptional books that before the end of the first page you know that you are just going to love it... Ms. Fabre’s amazing debut novel promises an excellent start in a career this reviewer plans to watch closely."

Con Chapman, author of CannaCorn:
"...she maintains a smart-aleck gallows humor that makes the dialogue--both internal and spoken--snap like a pack of Chinese firecrackers."
See the full review with illustrations (!) here at

Peter Joseph Swanson, author of Hollywood Sinners, The Joan Crawford Murders, and Bad Movies (all in his Tinseltown Trilogy):
"...Their wit is delightful.  Their humanity is very touching and real.  Their reactions to each other are amusing and have genuine charm."
Read the full review (sorry, no illustrations) here on


Nancy Silveria, poet and writer ~
"What makes Evan’s Castle different from other romances is its departure from the dramatic and sentimental standard of the industry. Tracy penned this story with two of her greatest assets: her soft-spoken wit and her natural ability to relate to everyday people. Tracy lends her humorous comebacks and her “live and let live” approach to her characters. She creates an appeal for widespread readership, making this book enjoyable for men and women of all ages. ... My favorite thing about this novel was the simple fact that I enjoyed it so much that I never wanted to put it down. It quickly became like spending time with an old friend."
See Nancy's full review on


Marsha S.

"What can I say about this book?  Wow! is a good word."

See Marsha’s full review on


Kay M., prolific contributor to
"To be truthful, I don't read romance novels. But I enjoyed this one. The author has a light and humorous touch and the characters are ones you want to cheer on. In fact, I enjoyed these characters so much that I would like to see them in a sequel."
See Kay's full review on


Kimberly Blackadar, author of Nothing But Trouble After Midnight

Evan’s Castle by Tracy Fabre is my answer to the following question: What is the best book you’ve read lately? From the ashes of a dead-end relationship, this romance chronicles a new chapter in Rachel Kane’s life. With rich characterization and witty dialogue, Fabre offers the heat of a contemporary romance with the depth of classic fiction.”
See Kimberly's full review at

Reviews of Reasons

See Darlene's full review on Peeking Between the Pages!

"...I liked the ending of this novel as well. Even though secrets were brought into the open and things that had happened were better understood they weren't used to hurt anyone else. All in all a pleasant book to read that started out a bit slow for me but once it picked up I couldn't put it down until I found out what had happened all those years ago. Of course, the cute little romance didn't hurt one bit!"


See Julie's full review on Girl'

"'s just a well-written novel about two people finding each other and doing the dance of love. What I loved was how Ms. Fabre described everything, it made me feel like I was there. I could picture the kitchen, the stables and the clinic. Statler seems like a great town to visit. Especially, The Dusty Shelf..."

Eleni's full review at

 "...I quickly became intrigued with the story and enjoyed getting to know the characters. Delphi was a very likable character, she was strong, witty and down right multifaceted. The secrets that she uncovered while visiting the Laughlins did not disappoint me as a reader. I was also interested in the blossoming romance between Delphi and one of Laughlin brothers. I really liked them together, they just seem to have clicked right from the beginning. The book kept my attention for the most part and was an overall entertaining read. I recommend it if you're looking for a light-hearted read with a decent storyline..."

See Razlover's full review
Paranormal Romance Blog

"We finally found out who was driving the car and what really happened that night and I'm glad that it's resolved and the person is getting help and support!"


See Karen's full review & interview on Bookin' With "Bingo"

"...It is one of the responsibility and the power and destructive force that keeping secrets in our lives can have on us. Through the talent of Fabre's writing, this message is presented in a sensitive manner that shows how much she cares about her characters and her readers. The result is a book about families and what makes them tick and binds them together through triumph and through tragedy..."

See Book Junkie's full review on
 Book Junkie

"...A little mystery in trying to figure out for myself what was really going on with this family and all their secrets and the lite romance I think filled in all the holes for me making this one completely enjoyable story. All secrets surfice eventually, it how you deal with them that matters in the end..."

-Cheryl's Book Nook

"Reasons is the first book I have read by Tracy Fabre but is second novel that she has written. Hopefully, Ms. Fabre will have a long success, as she has done a good job with this book. I did think the ending was a good one." 

-Book, Books Everywhere

"This book kept me up late because I really wanted to find out the truth about the accident....The dialogue between characters seemed very genuine and the characters seemed real, not like stereotypes. Tracy really fleshed out who each of the characters was and gave them very evident personalities."

-Storey Book Reviews

"I read this book in about 3 days (at night) and could not put it down.  I really enjoyed the wit of Delphi..."


5-Cup Review here at Coffee Time Romance ~
"...the type of story that just sneaks up on you. As you read the story and get to know the characters, you find yourself involved in every single aspect of their lives... This tale of long-lost love and discovering oneself is a wonderful book with a feel-good ending that gives hope to the romantic in all of us."

Jan Beaver Coad
, author of Why Don't They Come With Instructions?
"I laughed, I cheered, and I cried - and I read this book in one sitting. Tracy has a way of taking you into the world of wonder with rich characters that you become friends with."

See the full review here at (also on Amazon). 


Peter Joseph Swanson, author of many, many novels
"... there’s wonderful wit along the way.  I can’t give you an example, here, because it doesn’t work to pull it out of context.  Tracy doesn’t do vaudeville comedy routines.  She walks softly and nimbly, page to page to page, and then clobbers you with a big stick.  And you laugh out loud!"

See the full review here at!

Sarah A., poet, writer, humorist.

"... These folk sound like real people; their conversations are genuine and their emotions spot on.  If you read Reasons solely for the reparteé you won’t be disappointed.  Tracy Fabre is a talented writer.  For those who appreciate the novel as social commentary, Reasons brings clear insight and a gift for detail to the tangled web of the human heart, and it does so with humor and grace. Read it, and you’ll see what I mean."
See Sarah's full review here at (also on Amazon).


Shirley Ann Howard, author of Tales Out of School and Tales Out of College ~
"Evan Callahan from EVAN'S CASTLE and Tam Laughlin from REASONS rank with some of the best in all of literature. They're strong, quiet, brilliant... charming, mannerly ... reminiscent of Jane Austen's men."
See Shirley's full review on


Sheila Deeth, author

"The author’s descriptions brought back memories, bringing to life a truly beautiful part of the world. But equally, she brings to life the warmth of delightful family relationships, the tortuous conversations of secrets, and the half-closed, half-open friendships of kind-hearted people who’ve been apart too long."

See Sheila's full review on



Ina Townsend Young
"Tracy’s own patented version of smartassery, while maintaining a G rating, began to shine through in Delphi’s voice. Delphi made ... many hysterical, off-the-cuff remarks. ... It was you who fell in love with Tam, wasn’t it? You couldn’t possibly have written so well about the distraction one feels when they fall in love, the preoccupation of thoughts and inability to sleep or function, and done it with such great humor, without having experienced these things with Tam first hand."

See Ina's full review on


"..I have to say I enjoyed this without going into sugar-shock...and my girlfriends who do like Romance are already asking to borrow the book. Go's a good story with believable characters."

See Jaydit's full review on The Jaydit



"It's got a very calming, Midwest small town atmosphere, and the romance is gentle and not overblown. This would be a nice book to take out to a small town and read out in a field somewhere... Mm..."

See Fatalis' full review on The Fickle Hand of Fate.



 "...I loved this story-I loved the characters and I loved the way it flowed. The pages seemed to turn themselves and I almost hated for it to end."

See Dixie's full review on A Few of My Favorite Things.



A Real Librarian
"...I really enjoyed this novel. I thought the characters were well developed through both description and conversation. Sometimes dialog can feel a little strained, but I never felt that with this novel and these characters. I loved the interactions between Delphi and Noreen, the fiance' of one of the Laughlin brothers, who has a real problem with Delphi from day one. I also really liked the interactions between Delphi and Tam, another of the Laughlin brothers. It was great seeing their characters develop and also learn about the history of their relationship..."

See the full review on Confessions of a Real Librarian.


Brenda Youngerman, author of Restored Hope and Hidden Truths
Fabre does an excellent job of bringing the reader into the inner turmoil of love’s rollercoaster ride and along the journey gives a hint of what living with a family member burdened with guilt might look like.”

Read Brenda’s full review on

John Beck, poet
The real fun comes from the author’s witty dialog which I had come to admire and enjoy in Sending Rupert Home and Evan’s Castle.  The writing is so good that the reader doesn’t want to put it down.  The pace is just right, never rushed and never dragging.”

Read John’s full review on

Reviews of Sending Rupert Home

Nancy Silveria

“You'll consider sending your family out to eat at a restaurant, seriously thinking about calling yourself out of work sick, or planning an all-nighter curled up in bed till the sun pops up to say goodnight, just so you don't have to put down Sending Rupert Home.  Take it from me, whatever excuse you make to free up time for this read, it'll be worth it.”

Read Nancy’s full review at Amazon.



Shirley Ann Howard (my editor, and a fine author!)

“Not only are the main characters funny and memorable, but even the secondary ones add their own unique flavors that make modern college life so interesting.”

Read Shirley’s full review on Amazon



 Peter Joseph Swanson (who did the marvelous cover).
"... story that is hot, funny, clever, and also moving at times. A Tracy Fabre novel is always an interesting tangled story with likable characters.  And Tracy always writes in a delightful but subtle style."

Read Peter’s full review on



Barb Carlson, writer

“I think you should read this book to get to know Leanne Kendrick. Not only is Leanne a strong character with totally believable thoughts, words and actions, but her wit and humor are just plain fun to read. I found myself wishing I could follow her around and see what she’d say about pretty much anything, since her point of view was simultaneously down-to-earth and amusing.”

Read Barb’s full review on



Melinda S.

“I found this book to be about relationships of all sorts...mother/daughter, sisters, and work relationships...not to mention how difficult it is to have a relationship with the ghost who keeps turning up! I enjoyed this book very much and now am only wishing that I knew where to find MY Noah Jaynes!”

Read Melinda’s full review on



Connie C., prolific contributor to Gather

“Her books are listed as romance books but they are not like any romance book I have ever read. I hate Harlequin because to me they have no story line. This author has a great story line with some romance sprinkled in. This book had the most romance of any book of hers I have read. This author has gained a loyal reader in me.”

Read Connie’s full review on



Lori’s Blog Reviews & More

“One of the big reasons I loved this story was because of the humor and believable characters. Between Rupert's wit and Leanne and Noah's annoyance with him, it's just so much fun to read.”

Read Lori’s full review on



Veronica Hosking. poet and writer

"I also enjoyed the fact that both protagonists were smart well educated people and not boasting the "bad boy/girl" image.  In fact, Leanne, the female protagonist, keeps shaking her head at the behavior of the college-aged students working with her at the library.  I have to agree, who really falls in love with stupid inane behavior?  Gotta love a strong female character who knows what she wants and is willing to wait for it."

Read Veronica’s full review on  

John Beck
, poet
"Being from Mars myself, I enjoyed this view of the Venusian psyche.  The characters are well developed and the principal characters are likable.  The dialogue is clever but natural, not gimmicky.  The pace for me is ideal.  The story never drags or bogs down, yet the mysteries are just far enough beyond reach to keep the reader glued to the pages."
Read John’s full review on

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