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Evan's Castle & Reasons cover art: Mia Romano
Sending Rupert Home, Callie By The Bay and Fifteen Years cover art: Peter Joseph Swanson

Evan's Castle
August 2008

Rachel Kane, after leaving home and family to flee the aftermath of a bad relationship, ends up working closely with brilliant scientist, Evan Callahan. He seems at first to be very much like the man she left behind-an aloof loner with no real use for her-but as she gets to know him, she finds he is warm and engaging, and much too attractive for her equilibrium. But is that real? Or has she just left one loner for another? To complicate matters, she's also the victim of vandalism that is both disturbing, and escalating.


February 2009

Delphi Brent, seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident as a teenager, is ready to spend the summer with old family friends when her parents make a distressing confession: the driver of the car that nearly killed her was one of the three sons of the Laughlin family she's about to visit. They urge her to stay home and let the past be, but she resolves to go out West anyway to learn the truth about what happened the night she was struck and one of the Laughlin sons died. However, in reconnecting with the Laughlins, who operate a sprawling ranch in Colorado, Delphi learns a lot not only about brothers and families, but also about the reasons people keep secrets, and what to do with the truth once it's uncovered. She also falls in love with one of the Laughlin brothers, and that wasn't part of the plan at all.

Sending Rupert Home
June 2010

Leanne Kendrick is relatively content with her quiet life as a college librarian, until the charming and irrepressible English professor Rupert Arbery asks her and photography instructor Noah Jaynes for their help on a special project. The problem is that Rupert is actually the late Professor Arbery, and the project is for them to help him cross from his post-death limbo to wherever he's meant to go. To make it more challenging, Leanne and Noah must work together to help Rupert, which presents yet another problem: what is she supposed to do about her "once burned, twice shy" heart, as she falls for Noah Jaynes?

Callie By The Bay
June 2011

Life along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, Alabama, should be as peaceful as it is scenic. For Callie Rogo, whose complex husband Danny was once suspected of murdering his first wife, this is not always true. It's not just that she's still attracted to the detective who helped keep Danny out of jail, but now she's involved in the investigation of the possible murder of her young step-daughter's classmate. Struggling with her feelings for both men while assisting with the investigation and trying to hold her family together with humor if nothing else, Callie finds that sometimes scenery just isn't enough.

Fifteen Years -- new! Find it here.
May 2013

Norah Halliday's work for a local museum doesn't normally include finding dead men in the meeting room after lunch, and when the murder is investigated by Kel Denningthe man who walked out of her life without a word fifteen years earliershe's hard pressed to decide which event is ore personally stunning. Tensions among museum staff during the investigation add to the turmoil, and Norah's quick wit and loyal, colorful friends may not be enough to get her through the chaos.                         



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Special Thanks

Shirley Ann Howard
great editor & and author of
Tales Out Of School, Tales From Home, 
Tales From The Psych Office
and several 
Mia Romano
for her two lovely covers
Peter Joseph Swanson
for his three lovely covers,
and who tells his own stories in 
Merlin's Charge, Punk Minneapolis,
Vampire Pond, The Joan Crawford Murders,
Bad Movies 
(and many more).
Peter's been a great cheerleader from the outset.

Also, assorted friends and family and total strangers
who took the time to say they liked my novels.
You're the best.
Even you, "Little Stevie."


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