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~ Interviews  & Chats ~

July 12, 2011: Chat hosted by Connie C. of Gather fame, beginning 8 pm central.

I was seen in this July 2011 Gather interview by Peter Joseph Swanson, focusing on Callie By The Bay.

Gather Three-Way Chat with Tracy, Peter Joseph Swanson, and Shirley Ann Howard (May 2011)

Gather Three-Way Chat  with Tracy, Peter Joseph Swanson, and Shirley Ann Howard (August 2010)

Gather LIVE CHAT (March 2010)

on Razlover's Book Blog: Tracy Fabre Guest Post!

Heather's Books: Interview with Author Tracy Fabre!

Bookin' With Bingo: REASONS review & interview

on as Guest Author

on Draggy Dialogue? Reeking Repartee? Why the Chit-Chat Can’t Be Idle (Pat Bertram's Blog)

Long & Short Reviews's interview

and in an interview on Kimberly Blackadar’s Blog

I've pontificated about my novels in these Gather articles--

Evan's Castle, or, What Finally Made Me "Pimp My Novel"

Reasons to read REASONS (or, Look, Ma, she’s finally plugging her book!)

I Suppose It's Time To Push Rupert At You...

Callie On Kindle
 (although it's not anymore, since my publisher shut down)

Now Look At These Writers Too

Shirley Ann Howard
-- author of Tales Out of School, Tales Out of College, Tales From Home, Tales Out Of The Psych Office

Peter Joseph Swanson -- author of Hollywood Sinners, The Joan Crawford Murders, Bad Movies, Punk Minneapolis, Merlin's Charge, By The Light of The Carnival

Con Chapman -- satirist, author of CannaCorn & Year Of The Gerbil

Bertram's Blog On Writing -- Pat Bertram, author of Light Bringer, More Deaths Than One, A Spark Of Heavenly Fire, Daughter Am I

Kimberly Blackadar -- author of Nothing But Trouble After Midnight

Mike Firesmith -- Southern blogger extraordinaire

Brenda Youngerman-- author of Private Scars, Restored Hope, Hidden Truths, Sorrowed Souls, Public Lies, Disrupted Lives

David Fingerman -- author of Spyder, Edging Past Reality, Silent Kill

Gregory Miller -- author of Uncanny Valley, Big Cicadas, and Scaring The Crows






















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